Exponential – our experience

In our ministry transition we’ll be joining a church planting team.  Knowing that, and knowing we’d be on furlough (which is a great time to take advantage of extra training opportunities) we’d asked our future teammates if they thought it wise for us to attend a church planting seminar or conference of some type.  Roberto highly recommended a large conference called Exponential.  We were able to arrange our arrival in the States with just enough time to visit some with Dan’s parents, drop the kids with my parents and head to Florida to attend the conference.

Exponential’s website (www.exponential.org) describes the group and subsequently the conference as follows;

“Exponential is a growing community of leaders committed to accelerating the multiplication of healthy, reproducing faith communities. We equip movement makers with actionable principles, ideas and solutions.
We are passionate about accelerating multiplication through movement makers!

Jesus.  Leaders.   Acceleration.   Movements.   Multiplication.”

Absolutely amazing is the short version of what we can say.  Dan & I each participated in different workshops for the pre-conference.  Once the main conference started we were together some and split at other times.  We came away challenged.  We came away with so much material to chew on and process.  We look forward to sharing ideas with future teammates.  We look forward to seeing what God does, not just in us and our church planting team but throughout the States and world.

You know those times when you can sense God is moving?  Of course He’s always at work and doing things, but sometimes you can really sense an undercurrent.  We felt that energy . . . . and await with anticipation to see what God does.

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