Summer Missions

The summer isn’t over but so far we’re in our 3rd week of church camp and have also participated in 6 different Vacation Bible Schools!    We have a few more to go before the summer ends.  For those who may not be familiar with missions involvement in a week of VBS or Camp, it’s a time for a missionary to share with the kids about missions.  Depending on the missionary that might mean presenting the idea of missions in general.  Sometimes it’s presenting their specific ministry or facts about the specific country in which they serve.  Sometimes the mission time slot is 5-15 minutes during an opening or closing session and other times they become a station which children rotate through and can last 25-40 minutes.  In any case it’s a wonderful opportunity to expose kids to the idea of missions and raise awareness.  Usually the kids participating in the VBS/camp bring offerings throughout the week to contribute to that missionary’s work.

Our younger kids can participate.  Our older kids can help and still have fun.

Dan and I really try to engage the kids.  We show pictures and talk about various things but also let them play.  They’ll fill out passports and take their immunizations (various candies for a malaria prophylactic, tuberculosis, and a de-wormer), do chores just as kids in Mozambique do (hauling water on their heads, washing dishes with sand and water, collecting firewood), they play Mozambican games (rolling hoops, jumping strings, playing soccer with plastic sack balls), and try some Mozambican food.

It’s been a ton of fun!  It’s been tiring!  It’s been a great fundraiser for our Netia Project.  I’m sure we’ll post more pictures later but for now, here are a few we’ve collected.

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