A Soft Reminder

During this furlough we’ve been reporting to each of our supporting churches, updating them on what God has been doing over the last 4 years and talking with them about the ministry transition we’ll soon be making.  For as long as we’ve been processing a transition (2 years or so), we’ve been praying that each of our supporting churches would choose to stay with us through this transition and continue to support our ministry.  Our church visits have gone well.

Another job this furlough has been to try and increase our support base.  We’ve talked with several new churches and so far 3 have decided to partner with us.  We know that is a huge blessing and we’re grateful.

But last week we had a frustrating phone call.  We called one of our supporting churches, one we’d already reported to, only to hear that they’ve actually decided to discontinue support of our ministry at the year’s end.

Dan was actually the one on the phone and I walked in to hear his side of the conversation.  As Dan looked at me I could tell it was not a good phone call.

He and I had a variety of emotions:  frustration, anger, feeling let down….

We both wanted to rant a bit.  After a bit I decided my frustration wasn’t due so much to the fact that they weren’t going to continue supporting us but rather that we were just now being told.  But we were frustrated none the less.  To be completely honest, we were in quite a tizzy.

And then God reminded . . .

  • we might have been surprised but He wasn’t.
  • Of ALL of our supporting churches only one decided to not transition with us.
  • He has and will continue to provide.
  • New churches have partnered with us.
  • He has and will continue to provide (I know it’s a duplicate statement – it was a duplicate reminder).
  • There was no reason for us to stew in frustration.


A bit of frustration remained, but we were calmer.  And then came the further reminder to rejoice and be thankful for this church.  They may not be transitioning with us, but they have still been faithful partners for many years and we are glad in that.  We are thankful for them.

2 thoughts on “A Soft Reminder

  1. Donnie says:

    Robin / Dan — I’ve been on the other side of that phone call (in a role at a previous church). That’s not an easy phone call for anyone to have. At least I hope it’s not easy! Definitely not something to be taken lightly.

    I appreciate the spirit and transparency that you share in this post — and your faithfulness to the mission that God has given to you.

    I hope all is well with you & your family.

    The Beenes

  2. robertofife says:

    Encouraging post. Attitude makes a world of difference. Aligning one’s perspective with God’s brings peace and understanding. And blessing 🙂

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