Radio Interview

About a year and a half ago, slightly after the Lord laid on my, Robin’s,  heart the idea of earning my group fitness instructor certificate, I contacted Theresa Rowe to seek her council.  Theresa is a wonderful Christian lady, with an amazing testimony, who not only teaches fitness classes at my home church in Owensboro but has developed her own ministry, Shaped By Faith, to encourage the shaping of both hearts and bodies for God’s purpose.  I knew she’d be able to give me advice on what kind of certification I would need, from where to get it, and how to get started.

Since we’ve been somewhat settled in Owensboro for the school year I’ve been able to attend several of Theresa’s classes each week and talk with her a bit more about fitness and how I desire to use that with ministry.

One extension of Theresa’s Shaped By Faith ministry is that she has a weekly radio show.  Several weeks ago she asked if she could interview us for her show – to ask about us and our ministry.  We were excited for the opportunity to share about our ministry, both what God has done and the vision He has given us for the future.

We missed hearing it on the radio since we were out of town on both it’s air dates, however we’ve since been able to listen to the podcast of it.  We thought perhaps some of you might like the opportunity as well.

I will say, on the podcast link page you’ll see three blue arrows.  Those are individual segments of the show so click on the first one to begin.  When that section is over you’ll need to click the middle arrow and finally the last.

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