Praying for Peace

You may not keep up much with the news of Mozambique, but there has been quite a bit of unrest over the last several weeks.  I’ll add news links below so you can catch up in more detail if you’d like, but the abbreviated gist is that the main minority party (which fought in the civil war against the current majority party) is unhappy about several things and small groups of their former guerrilla soldiers have attacked traffic on the main north-south highway as well as a few other places.  The military then reacted to that by storming the leader’s/party’s headquarters.  The minority party has now denounced, at least on their side, the peace accords signed in 1992.

Since that time there have been more skirmishes here and there (mostly in the central part of the country) and attacks on a military convoy which is helping cars and trucks safely navigate a 100km stretch of the national high which connects the south of the country to the north.

From what we can gather, daily life for most people is continuing as normal, however tensions are high.  No one wants to return to war, and while at this point it doesn’t seem like things will fall apart to that degree it has crossed peoples minds that this could be the beginning of the slide back to civil war.

Municipal elections are on Friday this week (the 22nd).  The before mentioned minority political party is boycotting those elections.  Please pray.

Pray for political peace.  That leaders would actually dialogue so discussion can replace violence and resolution can be achieved.

Pray for calm elections.

Pray also for true peace! Peace based on knowing Christ and having a relationship with Him.  The peace which surpasses understanding and can remain in or despite a lack of peace around us.

Here are a few links if you’d like to read more (listed newest to oldest).

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