Divided Kids

Well we’ve now hit that point in our furlough where the kids are divided.

Karunia expressed several weeks ago that she was now ready “to go home.”  She’s enjoyed her experiences here in the States – 2 camps (horseback camp and a 3rd Culture Kid camp) this past summer along with a week trip to Florida with the Owensboro youth group for Student Life.  She’s getting along well in school and likes her teachers.  She’s happy to spend time with grandparents, but she’s now yearning for the more familiar.  The missing of her Mozambican friends has grown with the longer stretch of time and she’s ready to go back.

Esperansa, on the other hand, doesn’t want to head back.  In a way this is surprising.  This was our child who last March was in tears over leaving Mozambique – both with the news that we’d eventually be transitioning to Portugal but also with the thought of coming to America for furlough.  Sure, she was excited at the prospect of seeing her grandparents, but she didn’t want to leave her friends or school which she loved.  I’m very happy that she has adjusted so well to being here.  Just as in Mozambique she has made several friends and she loves school.  She has now, twice, been in tears at the prospect that it’s almost time for us to leave America.  She’s commented that she doesn’t want to leave her friends and her school.  We’ve talked a lot about it and I’ve tried to affirm what a great thing it is to have made friends.  We’ve talked about things we can do so perhaps she can keep up with those friends inspite of the distance.  I’ve reminded her she had similar feelings about leaving Mozambique just a bit ago.  I know she will be fine as we head back but for her she only can think of the present and she wants to stay.

Jeremiah has commented a time or two that he’s ready to go back to Mozambique.  If you ask him why however his response is simply, “because it’s not cold there and I won’t have to wear a coat!”

Josiah is thoroughly enjoying school and church youth group and has made the most of his time here, running cross country and now wrestling with the school, going deer hunting, youth trips, summer camp, etc.  He has asked a time or two if we can’t at least finish the school year here.  He’s not opposed to going back but isn’t eager to leave.

I’ll confess I didn’t know how Asher felt about it, at least not until this morning.  He hasn’t asked to go back nor has commented on wanting to stay.  We had to actually ask him his thoughts on the matter and he commented he’ll be glad to see his friends. 

So the kids are divided with some wanting to stay and others wanting to go.  

“Comings and Goings” are such a part of our life I pray I can be sensitive to their feelings and needs as they juggle “home’s” location, particularly since whether/when we go or stay doesn’t depend on how they feel.  


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