Our kids’ furlough through pictures – pt 3

I’ll be honest, if any of our children were going to struggle with their time in the States it’d have been Esperansa.  She’s our one shy child and also our most sensitive.  She cried several times before we headed to the States because although she did want to see grandparents she didn’t want to leave her friends here.

I’m pleased to say she had a great furlough.  The summer was lots of fun with many wonderful experiences (getting to know her cousins, camp and VBS, her own overnight camp, soccer camp and just good family fun).  Then school started and things only got better.  She loved school and quickly made several friends.  She participated in the Runner’s Club, learned a ton, and enjoyed the extras like library and music.  She also appreciated Sunday school class and making friends at the churches in Wood River, Owensboro and Jasper, all of whom we saw fairly regularly.

The end of furlough was rather traumatic for Esperansa.  Just as there were tears over going to the States, there were tears over leaving the States to return to Mozambique.  Enjoy the pictures and perhaps also say a prayer for her.  She’s really enjoying the reconnection with a few friends here but she’s still missing her friends there and the tears still come fairly easily.

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