Our kids’ furlough through pictures – pt 4

As I type through this series of posts, “Our kids’ furlough through pictures” I realize we don’t take enough pictures.  While I’ve managed to pull enough of each of the kids so far, it was really difficult to find the highlight pictures of Asher’s furlough.  I’ve missed all pictures of his two weeks at church camp in which he was a camper.  I’ve missed pictures of his week of soccer camp, his swim lessons, his participation in flag football for school, his Sunday “God Spot” class at Owensboro Christian, and acknowledgment that he was Student of the Month at school (I can’t remember if that was October or November).

He had a good furlough.  School started a touch rough for him but he had great teachers and things turned around after a bit.  In all honesty the turning point was the school’s fall fundraiser.  Asher came home so excited to sell trash bags and boy did he sell!

He enjoyed playing with several friends in my parents’ neighborhood and overall  made some good memories!

Enjoy the pictures of Asher.  And if you missed the other posts in this series feel free to check them out:   pt 1pt 2pt 3.


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