Good News

I have had classes the last three days.  All of them went very well, however the classes I had with Albino and Narcissio, who work in Chalaua, brought very good news.
First, Narcissio planted two churches while we were in the States.  Very exciting!
Second, together both men went to a area where there was no Christian presence; in fact it was a highly Islamic area.  They set out, with some concern for their safety, but trusted (in God) that no matter what took place they would be brave and not give up.  They joyfully told of how several people came to know the Lord and thus a small church is there now.  I was very excited to here this.
The third thing we talked about was the training they had been doing with others.   They continued to hold their Saturday class with ministers and church leaders providing training and discipleship.  I, again was very pleased to hear this news.
Finally, they talked about how the existing church gotten together and came up with a plan to help widows.  Twice a year everyone would give some offering of food, what every they could spare, and that would be distributed to those in need.  Again, what a joy it was to hear about this.
Why was I pleased?  Why was there such joy in hearing this good news?   It’s more than simply that it is good news but rather because they are doing exactly what we have talked about for years.   They are living as Christ lived.  We have studied together for over six years.  They are showing maturity and coming up with answers to problems facing the church. They are leading and developing others.  They are not perfect, but they are willing.  God is using them in a mighty way.
As I reflected on what they had told me I again reflected on what has been going on in Netia (see the blog entitled brick “oven”) I came to feel a deep peace about leaving these guys in a few months.  The time is right.

3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Fuqua, Mary says:

    Tears of Joy & THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!

  2. Vonnie Amstutz says:

    Hi I rejoice with you for all the great works of God that have taken place even while you were still in the States. May it continue and multiply.
    Praying that 2014 will be the year of Favor and Blessings for all those involved. Blessings, Vonnie Amstutz

  3. Joyce Spangler says:

    Praise The Lord and God bless the Beens in their ministries.

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