Our kids’ furlough through pictures – pt 5

Don’t ask how we managed to go an entire furlough and not have a solid picture of Karunia with any of her grandparents but somehow that happened.  Still a solid part of her furlough was time spent with them; whether playing games or eating out or going to the Nutcracker or a cupcakery or getting a manicure she enjoyed their company and conversation.

Another highlight of this furlough for Karunia was the expanded social circle.  She carried a phone, babysat for non-family members, not only went to church camp, but also headed to FL with the Owensboro high school group and flew to Oklahoma (with Josiah) for a Third Culture Kid camp.   She attended youth group weekly, sat with the adults on several occasions (though not all) and started her first year of high school.

We realize, if we keep the same furlough schedule, then by the time we take our next furlough she may or may not be with us (depending on whether she chooses to do university in the States or in Portugal).   It’s a sobering thought.  But let’s not fast forward time and instead enjoy the pictures of the present.

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