Our furlough through pictures – Dan & Robin’s turn

We had a many great experiences this furlough and we stayed busy, but I’ve discovered (yet again) the camera shutter didn’t click often enough.

Some of our highlight events can’t really be captured in photos. It’s understandable that the seminars and insight gained at the Exponential Church Planting Conference last April aren’t photographed.  We can’t have pictures of every moment of every VBS, and of course one doesn’t generally take pictures while sitting to report with the mission committee at a church.

Why, however, do we not have pictures with the friend and former mentor of Dan whom we unexpectedly ran into at Exponential?  Why don’t we have pictures of the visit with one of Robin’s friends from college and her family?  Why do we not have pictures of each friend who opened their home for us to stay in while we visited their church, or of the luncheons with various prayer partners and former mentors or those of new friends made.   We’re missing pictures of our anniversary weekend, pictures with parents and siblings and pictures with several other good friends whom we even managed to see with a bit of regularity.   Sigh . .

But we have a few pictures to share and hope you enjoying seeing them.

And for all the pictures we’re missing . . those moments . . . .at least the ones with people, are photographed in our minds and on our hearts.

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