A Need, An Open Door, & A New Hat

Our kids attend the Portuguese school in town.  Overall it’s been a real blessing but it’s not without some hic-cups at times.

Last week Asher came home from school with the announcement that his math teacher had quit.   There were behavioral problems with multiple kids in the class and the teacher decided he’d had enough.  Unfortunately there is no substitute system within the school so if a teacher is absent or if there isn’t a teacher then that class simply isn’t held and the kids run free in the playground.

Apart from saying the Lord placed an idea in my head (which can be the only explanation) I began to ponder whether I should volunteer for the job.  It’s not my most logical thought, while I most certainly understand the math, I’m not trained as a math teacher and I know this is one discipline in which there’s a great difference between being capable of doing and capable of teaching others to do it.  Also I knew the Portuguese language necessary to explain and teach the math concepts to others will be quite a challenge.  It’s well beyond my comfort zone and yet . .

We talked with the school on Monday.  They were trying to work things out with the previous math teacher and told me to check back.  I was at the school on Wednesday and spoke with the secretary.  The teacher that morning had turned in his books and they were promptly handed to me.

It’s not necessarily long term.  It may be for one week or until the end of the trimester or until the end of the year.  Because I don’t have a math specialty they will try to find a more permanent teacher, but finding a teacher for 1 grade and one class may not be the easiest thing (the previous math teacher didn’t quit the school completely, only 5th grade).

I’ve already started teaching.  Class began 30 minutes after I was given the books.  2 days of teaching are down and I’ll go in tomorrow as well (Wed, Thursday and Fridays for 1.5 hrs each day).   I know many of the students from a couple years ago when I taught English and in these 2 days I haven’t had to deal with the behavioral problems.

As I wear my new and very unexpected hat of 5th grade math teacher I’d appreciate your prayers.

Thanks, Robin

3 thoughts on “A Need, An Open Door, & A New Hat

  1. Wow Robin, you know God placed you there for a reason. A reason you may or may not ever know. But I feel good that the kids are in good hands. You don’t always know why kids have a behavior problem. You rock, as well as have my prayers. Mary C

  2. Elizabeth Pierce says:

    This is fun! Praying that you will be pleasantly surprised at how equipped you really are! : ) Mercy and peace in abundance! Beth

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. […] teaching 5th grade math at the kids’ school.  To read more of the details there link over to this blog post, however we ask that you pray for wisdom and language skills as she teaches these kids – that […]

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