Why Did I Do That?

Today at church I, Dan, did something I don’t do.

I don’t normally take videos of people singing and dancing at church.  Why?  Because it is out of context.  Not to criticize those who do, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable doing it.   I feel it is intrusive.  Worship is holy and not a spectacle to behold just because it plays out differently along cultural lines or in languages one cannot understand.

However, today I took a video at church of the singing and dancing.

I’m not completely sure why, but I guess because I know that in four months our worship style will once again change.  We will move from our Mozambican worship style to a Portuguese worship style.  Since we will be planting a new “church” amongst the upper middle class and we will let those who come to the Lord determine the style of worship that speaks to their culture and we have no idea what that worship style will look like.

I guess I took the video as a way to remember a style of worship that has come to mean so much to me.  My Mozambican friends love to dance during their worship just as I love to dance as I worship.  Often during worship here in Mozambique I think about being around the throne of God singing and dancing with a thong of people from many cultures moving in unison worshiping the Great I Am, the Lamb on the throne, the Hope of all nations.

I’m going to share this video with you.  Though you don’t understand the words please read their hearts as my friends worship our Lord and Savior.   Enjoy the video…..

5 thoughts on “Why Did I Do That?

  1. Aha!! This was such a blessing to me as we continue our study of Perspectives: World cultures and Christianity!!! Thank you for letting us see through your eyes!!!

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  2. Donnie Beene says:

    Love the call-response style. Reminds me of worshipping with “a capella” congregations in Malawi during a 2-week trip in 2005. Mzungus generally lacked the rhythm to keep up, but it was always a joy to witness.

  3. Lynn Schwarzkopf says:

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful way of praising our Lord 🙂

  4. Alita Romans says:

    Thank you for sharing. This truly blessed me and I wanted to stand up and dance and praise with them!

  5. Dan such an awesome video, it is good to see folks worshipping. Christ. It is perfectly ok to do this for your memories. You guys have done an awesome job. Really excited but your new adventures. Have a wonderful week, Mary Carius

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