Boa Nova – GNFA

Yesterday I talked about some of the traditions we’ve established with our colleagues in Montepuez, but those colleagues aren’t the only ones we have.

Here in Mozambique we are part of an organization: “GNFA” for the English speaking world and “BNPA” for the Portuguese speaking world.  Each of us within GNFA are independent missionaries sent out by individual churches (or many churches) in the States to work here in Mozambique, but here we’ve joined forces within an organization to be legally in country.  Despite being part of one organization, we are spread throughout various parts of the country.  Don and Aleta Hulsey live in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, we’re here in Nampula, Julie and Steve Henderson are in Lichinga to the west, Jacob and Jaynie Michael (who used to be here in Nampula) now live mid-country and then of course the Montepuez team.   Our independence allows us to do quite a bit of work as individuals (or teams), however there is occasionally some general business which we as an organization need to take care of.  It’s also nice to simply know how each other’s ministry is going.

For those reasons, our annual Boa Nova retreat is another event we look forward to each year.  We do take care of any necessary business but it’s mostly a time for fellowship, fun, corporate worship, edification and encouragement.  It’s wonderful.  In fact, it’s an event several of our kids have asked about with regard to our move; “Can we still be part of GNFA and attend the yearly retreat?”   No we can’t . . . and so . . . .

This year, in April we attended our last GNFA retreat.  It was wonderful, as always!

2 thoughts on “Boa Nova – GNFA

  1. Jan says:

    Looks like you had a great time. We knew Don Hulsey’s folks from Madisonville, of course. Praying your move will go smoothly and I am confident the Lord will use you there, just has He has done where you are.

  2. Awesome, you will make new traditions

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