Finally, More Than a Stop in The Road

The road trip from Nampula to either Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique) or South Africa is a LONG trip which we’ve made multiple times.  As the national highway does not boast multiple exits with your chose of 20 fast food restaurants and innumerable hotels in which one can stay when too tired to drive further one has to calculate and plan each days’ drive based on where one can find lodging.

After several years of living in Mozambique we came to learn of a lovely lodging place on the north side of the Gorgongosa Forest, just south of the Zambezi River.  Catapu is the business side of the establishment – a hardwood furniture company which practices responsible forestry and seeks to integrate the community into it’s programs.  As a sideline they’ve built M’phingwe Lodge – lovely and fairly inexpensive cabins, in which people can stay.  Their restaurant, though simple in menu also boasts one of the best steaks we’ve ever had (which is a wonderful after having eaten all meals and snacks in the car all day).  We long ago dropped our previous lodging and always aimed to stay here on both the southbound and northbound parts of trip.

Anyway, because our trips are always so scheduled it’s common for us to be pulling into M’phingwe anywhere between 5 – 8pm and we’re always up and out of there before 6 if not by 4am.  Never have we been able to simply relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the forest.  Last month we decided to change that; we had no long trip to South Africa planned but instead decided we’d use part of the kids’ Easter break to simply go relax and have fun.

It was a long trip (8 hrs each way) but it was fun.  We took lots of games, hiked some trails, played more games, hiked a bit more, watched the monkeys, looked at bugs and butterflies and simply enjoyed the time (with only minor sibling bickering).

One thought on “Finally, More Than a Stop in The Road

  1. Awesome photos, it is so kid to see the kids playing outside and all. You all needed a break, glad you took one. Mary Carius

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