Preparations Well Underway

Our departure from Nampula is less than a month away and preparations to leave have been underway for quite a while. There’s lots to do:

Sorting through the house:  As we prepare to move we obviously have to sort through the things in our house.  We are taking some things to Portugal with us, more than we initially thought since we’re sharing shipping space with a friend.  Still we’re selling most stuff.  One of the houses on the property is vacant so to keep our house clear I’ve been carry things over there.  Smaller stuff to put in our yard sale is sitting in the front room of that house and things to ship to Portugal are going in another room.  As for the large items we made a list and have pre-sold most of those.

A Good-Bye Party: One of the groups which Dan teaches meets on the 9th and 10th of each month.  That meant he needed to use June’s class to tell them good-bye.  We purchased roasted chickens, took along rice, and a cake and had gifts for each of the students.  A good time was had by all!

The Last Day of School  – for Robin and the kids (minus Karunia).  Though several friends have been invited to a good-bye party later on we aren’t sure how many will actually be able to come.  For that reason we baked cookies for all 5 kids to share with their classes and made sure to take a few pictures (though we don’t have pictures of Josiah with his class as they studied in the afternoon and he went along to school, not thinking to take pictures on his phone).  Robin gave her last math class, returning their tests and allowing them one final opportunity at a timed multiplication exercise to earn prizes.  It was a big milestone to be done with daily school here in Mozambique.  And while I, Robin, really enjoyed the opportunity to teach, look forward to having the extra time to focus on other tasks which need done before our departure.

2 weeks left in our house and 3 weeks left in the city.  Preparations will continue.  Opportunities to say good-bye will come with several other people/groups/classes and the kids will continue to squeeze in every last opportunity to play friends.  It’s a busy time but a good time and thankfully I’m not feeling to overwhelmed.

2 thoughts on “Preparations Well Underway

  1. I am praying for you all. Moving is rough but to another country, will not sure I could do that. But through Christ all things are possible.

  2. Happy Father’s Day! May our Father in Heaven, Holy God of all creation, bless you abundantly that you may, in turn, be a blessing to others!????

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