Motorcycle Distribution

Remember our VBS and Church Camp project last summer?  We were raising funds for the Netia Project (click the link to read more about it) which would give 14 trusted (and proven) church leaders chickens, goats and a motorcycle.  The chickens and goats were to provide food for their family (or as the animals reproduce the offspring could be sold as a source of income) and the motorcycles were to provide transport so they could travel more easily to the churches which have been planted, thus providing more regular teaching times and eventually being able to reach further beyond where they can currently go.

We returned in January excited to tell the Netia leaders that we’d raised the funds for the project.  Initially we thought we’d wait until mid June to purchase things (honestly we didn’t want to purchase everything in January or February only for word to get around and then we’d receive hundreds of requests for motorcycles or chickens or goats or all of the above).   At the same time we needed to rely on the wisdom of the Netia leaders who understand some things we don’t.

In March the leadership advised that we should go ahead and purchase the chickens and goats as prices for animals would rise drastically once the harvest started being collected.  We took their advice and animals were distributed then (sorry we didn’t manage to get pictures).  The Motorcycles were purchased in May and a big celebration was planned to commemorate the giving of those.

Even during the preparation and celebration for distributing these motorcycles we were once again so impressed with leadership.  First of all, apparently while we were on furlough two of Dan’s students stopped coming to the weekly classes which continued in our absence.  They started attending again when we returned.  The general leadership decided that didn’t show the maturity or faithfulness to warrant receiving a motorcycle.  Secondly the leadership, on their own without prompting from us, created a list of regulations each minister receiving the motorcycle had to agree to and sign.  I won’t type each of the 13 articles out for you however they were establishing/reminding Biblical criteria for behavior, accountability in ministry, outlining works and responsibilities for the motorcycle and establishing criteria in which the motorcycle could be taken away.

It was a great day.  We rejoice because we’d found good prices on the motorcycles and therefore had extra money to purchase several bicycles for other ministers to receive.  A government official was there to observe and participate in the festivities.  There was lots of singing and a short message by Dan.  It was a great day.  Can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do through these men, now enabled to travel farther to spread the Good News of Christ and continue to disciple those new churches.  To those who gave through their VBS and/or at church camp – THANK YOU!

One thought on “Motorcycle Distribution

  1. God is Good, this is awesome

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