Finally Finished . . . Now to Start Again

Long, long ago I considered myself a book worm.  For the past several years, to my dismay I can’t make that claim.  It seems life’s tasks and children, combined with just not making the time have kept me from doing much reading.  Another part of that however is most books I pick up these days are books I want to think through and process and I don’t want to read them if I don’t have the time to process them appropriately.

On that note, way back in 2008 during our furlough a friend recommended Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love.  We quickly purchased it but I started the first chapter and realized in the midst of furlough travels I wouldn’t have time to process it as I wanted.  We returned to Mozambique and I started it again but discovered I couldn’t watch some of the recommended videos.  By the time I’d decided to read it anyway several other things cropped up and again it got put on the shelf.

So now, 6+ years later I finally picked the book up again, motivated by it being the study book for a Ladies’ Bible study I’m in.  It’s a great book and very challenging.  I’ve finished the book now . . . but I yesterday I started reading it again.  There’s a lot in there and the Lord’s challenging me quite a bit.

Here’s some of thoughts and points I’m reflecting on:

  • Our love for God always comes out of His love for us.  He loves us (me) individually, personally and intimately.  Do I love Him, who is everything, as my everything?  Do I crave Him?
  • No leftovers for God!  Give Him the 1st and the best!
  • “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength?”  Loving Him with EVERYTHING!  Does my life reflect that?  Specifically how?
  • “Love your neighbor as yourself”  –  Specifically here . . . . how does this play out in my life?  Do I sacrifice for my neighbor – my time?  my finances?  What else.  Do I recognize my “enemies” as neighbors and equally love and sacrifice for them?  Am I willing to love my enemy?
  • Do I / Can I trust God with complete abandon?  What am I doing right now that requires faith?
  • Chapter 4 touches on profiles of the lukewarm and chapter 6 identifies characteristics of those truly in love . . . where am I in all this?

Don’t think I’ll have trouble working through this book the 2nd time, despite the processing I need to do.  I look forward to seeing what and how the Lord is going challenge and change me.

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