Good-Bye Netia

Last Monday, the 16th, was our time for saying Good-bye to Netia.  What a beautiful celebration it was.  As we arrived there was a small crowd outside the church but inside was packed.   People, not just from the main church in town but from throughout the district had arrived to spend time with us and say good-bye.












Netia holds an extremely special place in Dan’s heart and it’s clear he holds a special place in theirs.  Several groups sang and worshipped.  There was a time for us to give them gifts to say good-bye (Bible dictionaries for the group of 14 main leaders, packets of teaching/encouragement letters for each church there, and tons of pictures taken throughout the years).  There was a reading reminding of God’s goodness and the work He’s done throughout this past nine plus years.  None of that is our work but rather that of the Holy Spirit.  Dan was a tool to help equip and train these men and they in turn have become tools that the Spirit is using and will continue to use in a mighty way.

The Leadership presented Dan with a special stool, used for the traditional kings or men of honor.  Everyone laughed as he sat on it and immediately tipped over for a moment.


Others brought gifts as well, (though that’s it’s own upcoming post).  Then we sat around, visited, and took lots of pictures while waiting for lunch to be served.  This goodbye was also important for Josiah because he has a very good friend, Jordão, in Netia.  This gave them the opportunity play soccer one last time and say goodbye.


It was a great day and we left with hearts full!

2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Netia

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