Generous Generosity!

Living in Mozambique we are well aware of how wealthy we are compared to our neighbors.  We have a roof over our heads and clothes to wear.  Our kids do not miss meals.  They own the books they need for school and toys to entertain them.  We purchase the medicines needed when ill without having to borrow from every neighbor or do without because we can’t afford it.

God calls us to be generous.  We’re called to care for the poor and watch out for those in need.  We’re told that in caring (or not caring) for the “least of these” we’re caring (or not caring) for Christ Himself (Matt 25:35-45).

Perhaps living here, among poverty, should make that easier.  There certainly is plenty of opportunity to look out for the poor.  There are daily opportunities to be generous.

God has allowed us to give to beggars.  We’ve been able to offer some help for the needs around us.  With the amazing generosity of our supporting churches and IDES we could help organize famine relief projects.  God has been glorified.

Yet now, this area is one in which I’m really feeling challenged.

Am I generous?

God has called us to be generous because He is the most generous.  He gave His son – for me.  I want to be generous as He has shown.  I want to show/extend that generosity to others . . . to love them as myself.  I’m not stingy or ungenerous necessarily, but am feeling the challenge that I need to be more generous than I am.  And I’m sorting through what that looks in a more concrete form.

Which leads me to explain the title of this post.

I’m not sure if it’s grammatically correct to use an adjective to describe it’s related noun, but there is no other way to describe our brothers and sisters within the Netia church.

If you read this earlier post then you know we said good-bye to those in Netia last Monday, the 16th.  Though the churches as a whole gave Dan a gift of appreciation, it was then opened up that others might offer individual gifts if they wanted.

We live among a poor people and yet the outpouring of love, demonstrated by their giving, was amazing.  For those who have so little to be sacrificially generous – giving out of their little to bless and love on us was overwhelming.

It was an overwhelmingly generous generosity!  I’ll share pictures of some of the tangible gifts we received but that wasn’t their only means of generosity.  They gave generously of their time, many walking for hours to be there to say “good-bye” and then walking hours to get home.  They gave up time in their fields or doing other necessary life tasks.  Both types of gifts and the pictures we have will provide a nice reminder for me to think and reflect on as I talk with Jesus about being a more generous person.


2 thoughts on “Generous Generosity!

  1. Frieda Pickering says:

    Seeing these people give so much out of their poverty says they have learned much from you in your time spent with them and also how much they love you to give you generous gifts. May God bless them for sharing.

  2. […] the abundance we received from our friends in Netia?  Several of you have asked what we did with everything. […]

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