An Afternoon Lunch

Remember the abundance we received from our friends in Netia?  Several of you have asked what we did with everything.  We kept some of it for ourselves: the peanuts I roasted for peanut butter, we ate a bunch of the bananas, the papaya, and oranges, 2 pumpkins and the sweet potatoes.  We gave away to our workers many more of the bananas, the cornflour (I already had more than enough for our final weeks), some pumpkins, and several of the chickens.

Our boys desperately wanted to keep the pigeons and 2 chickens so we did.  Then they called their friends over one afternoon and cooked a lunch just for the boys.  In addition to chicken/pigeon stew they mad xima (pronounced: shee-mah), cornmeal mush to accompanying it.  They had a lot of fun, created a special memory, and filled their bellies (particularly important for a couple of the friends who don’t eat so much each day).

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