Winding Down and Closing Out

Preparations to leave Mozambique have included far more than good-bye parties.  We finalized ministry and classes and gathered kids’ school records.

Several months ago we began organizing the house and dividing things into various piles.  Since one of the houses on the property was empty we used the front room of that house to store the smaller items which would be placed in a garage sale.  A second pile was made of items going to Portugal by sea to arrive sometime in September.  The third pile, mostly clothes and a few games/toys we wanted immediate access to, were set aside to go on the plane with us.

Items to Portugal

Items to Portugal

Garage sale items

Garage sale items









We had a few other parties which we haven’t specifically  told you about – one at the church where we worship weekly and one with our workers and their wives.

We pre-advertised our furniture and sold it, to be picked up on the afternoon of the 28th of June.  We had our garage sale (no pictures, we were too busy) to get rid of all non-major items not being taken to Portugal.

Asher had to say good-bye to his dog, Beethoven.

Asher and Beethoven with Gerson, Asher's friend from school who is Beethoven's new owner

Asher and Beethoven with Gerson, Asher’s friend from school who is Beethoven’s new owner

We moved out of our house and stayed the final week in a guest house on the Wycliffe base while finalizing packing, etc.

Our empty house

Our empty house; the remaining sofa was purchased by someone moving into our house.  The suitcase in the far room came to Portugal with us

Our friends took us to the airport last Monday morning, the 7th and we said good-bye to Nampula (no pictures of this either as she took them on her camera and hasn’t been able to send them to us yet).  Tonight as I type we’re sitting in the Maputo airport awaiting our flight which will depart in 2 hours and a bit.

Mozambique has been good (with some bad as always exists in every place).  Saying good-bye is always hard but we (at least Dan and I) know new adventures and opportunities await.  We trust the God who goes before us!

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