One Week Down

It’s been just over 7 days since we’ve arrived in Portugal.  The travel went well and I’m sure at some point (hopefully soon) I’ll still have a few more Mozambique stories to relate but for now we wanted to share this quick update.

Last Sunday morning we arrived and were met at the airport by a lady from the established Carcavelos church.  We managed to make ½ a church service (arriving late by the time we’d collected our luggage and picked up our rental car).  After lunch with some of our teammates I, Robin, drove Asher and Esperansa to drop them off for a week of church camp. They were eager to go though I’ll confess to wondering how they’d fair.  I know they love camp but wondered if their pre-conception of camp (known from the States) would cause any disappointment if this one didn’t live up to their expectation.  To not leave you hanging, we picked them up yesterday and they both loved it and had a wonderful time!

We’re staying with teammates, Pedro and Chris Figueira.  We’re so grateful for their hospitality and the open invitation to be here until we find a place (Daniel, their oldest son who is Esperansa’s age) has said we can stay up to 5 years!  Lord willing we’ll have a house of our own before then or team relations might suffer.  Still, the kids with us this past week enjoyed playing with the Figueira’s 4 kids and it’s been good.

Jeremiah already had an activity lined up for the week.  He’s spending each weekday of July in fun activities with the teachers/classmates of the school he’ll attend in the fall.  Each morning was spent at the beach and then they’d go back to the school for lunch and other fun.  I will say he’s had to sit in time out a couple times; I think he’s exploring the limits much as he did during the first few days of Kindergarten last fall in America.   Now that Esperansa is back she will join in the school activities until the end of July (this will be her school as well).

Josiah and Karunia spent quite a bit of time with us as we sought to get things done.  On Monday we tackled getting our fiscal number taken care of as it’s a requirement for most of life here (insurance purposes for kids in school, buying a car, renting a house, etc).  We’ve talked with an office about what is necessary to obtain our Residency card (different from the Residence visa we now have but the necessary second step).  We’ve looked at houses and cars and talked with the two school options for the older kids to get that sorted out.  We did find an activity for Josiah so from Wednesday on he didn’t have to run around with us.

This week will be more of the same however each kid has a fun activity to participate in so we’re glad for that.  Having the opportunity to be around other kids and doing something fun will hopefully help them adjust and see that Portugal isn’t as bad as they feared.

Please do pray God would guide us to the house that is best for His kingdom, a good car and that we would finish getting the school situation sorted.  That will make all of life easier.


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