Now to Learn to Parallel Park a Semi-Truck . . . .

One of our tasks upon arriving in Portugal was to find and purchase a vehicle.

Obviously we have to have something that seats 7 people and ideally all 7 seats will be full size rather than 5 normal seats and two tiny ones (which are great if you have a family of 5 and occasionally want to take friends somewhere but not for everyday, all the time use). If we want to take friends along that becomes an entirely different matter as we then need 9 seats (nothing here comes with 8).

The next issue was having space for things; it’d be nice to have room to put the groceries or the school backpacks or for a suitcase or two. Amazingly many seven seat vehicles don’t have this space if actually using all seven seats.

We looked at several different brands and too many auto stands to count. There wasn’t as much choice as I’d like.

We finally found one vehicle in which both the price and the kilometers were right. It had sufficient seating AND space. It’s an Opel Vivaro – 9 seats. So now friends can come along, we can transport visitors and we don’t have to feel squished. I’m super excited about all that.

Our new van

Our new van

It’s not the biggest car we’ve ever driven (actually I think the suburban we used on furlough was bigger), but it will be the biggest car we’ve driven on teeny, tiny streets. There are nice highways in Portugal, but many of the streets were built long ago and not for car traffic. Some are only one or two lanes wide. Parking can be limited and sidewalks are fully utilized to park on as well walk. Parallel parking is a necessity.

2 way traffic with a lane of parked cars is supposedly possible here

2 way traffic with a lane of parked cars is supposedly possible here

Anyone want to parallel park?

Anyone want to parallel park?


So while I’m really not going to be parallel parking a semi-truck . . I think I’m going to need lots of practice to parallel park this van and until then . . . it may feel like a semi-truck each time I try to park.

3 thoughts on “Now to Learn to Parallel Park a Semi-Truck . . . .

  1. Randy Wolfe says:

    Looks nice, enjoy.

    Love, Dad

    Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


  2. NIce Vehichle. But I am with you , I can not parellel park. Years ago when getting my drivers license the instructor tried with me, then he said oh just forget it. I will pass you without it. Ha, ha. I was awful. But I am sure you will master this. You guys are so wonderful. Go and enjoy your new mission. Hugs, Mary Carius

  3. Just now looked at your past blog posts and saw that you’ve purchased the same van that we were given while in Cape Town….our’s is actually branded Nissan, but it’s the same one!!!! And we’re pretty sure we have the only one in Mozambique!

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