The Story Ended

Today’s previous post told of our seemingly “Never Ending Story” of trying to get our electric hooked up at the house.

We’re ecstatic to report today’s technician had the correct orders and turned everything on!  It was like Christmas as the kids cheered and yelled (and quickly unpacked the TV and set up their Wii), and as Dan and I started  initial runs in the washing machine, dish washer and ever so important coffee maker!  We went through the house trying to figure which switches worked which lights and talked with someone about actually installing the ceiling lights in the bedrooms/living room (which couldn’t be previously done as the wires were painted over so one needs the electric on to know which is which).  After setting the kids up with supper Dan and I will go shop to stock up the fridge!

Tonight we won’t have as many candles burning and Esperansa is anxious to bake in the oven tomorrow.

The story ended . . . well.

Our own “Never Ending Story”

Long ago, way back when I was eight or nine a movie, The Never Ending Story, came out.  It was a good movie based on the idea that imagination can keep a story going forever but a lack of imagination can kill the story. I remember liking the movie a lot, minus the scary wolf-like creature.  Asher was ill a few weeks ago so we were looking for movies he could watch on the computer and came across that one.

With the title fresh in my head, I feel like we are now living a “Never Ending Story” of our own, though it’s one I wish would stop.  After weeks of looking for a house we finally found one (yes I realized I’ve skipped several posts and will go back later to fill in the gaps).  We signed contracts on August 2nd, arranged the utilities on the 4th and hoped to move in on the 6th (the water was simply transferred and we were told the electricity and gas would be as well).  When we stopped by the house on Tuesday the 5th we discovered the gas was on however the electric was off.  Thus began the “Been’s Never Ending Story.”

Wednesday morning the 6th we showed up at the store responsible for connecting our electricity to report it wasn’t on.  We assumed it would take a day or two at most.

We moved into our house, without electricity, on the 7th.  Thankfully it’s summer so the outside light can shine into the house until 8:30pm or so.  It’s cool and there’s plenty of breeze so we aren’t hot.  The water is running and because we have natural gas we could cook on the stovetop (but not the oven).  After our colleague showed us that the gas water heater is ignited by batteries, not electricity, we were able to change those and have hot water for showers.

The main inconveniences, which are still significant, are not being able to wash clothes at our house and not being able to conserve food.  Our colleagues who live one mile away let us use their washing machine.  We’re eating out a lot!!  The slightly more minor inconveniences are figuring out how to keep phones and computers charged and that we’ve re-scheduled our internet/phone/tv service installation at least 6 times while waiting on the electricity to be turned on.

We’re trying to be grateful.

We long ago began conversations, in person and via telephone, 2x/day everyday trying to get the electricity turned on.

Finally, last Monday (14 days after we started this process) we got a confirmation for someone to come hook up our electricity.  They would come on Tuesday the 19th.  Tuesday morning came and went.  The technician didn’t show.  As we dialogued with the customer service line who was telling us to, “wait longer, perhaps he is just late” but they had no way of knowing where he was or if he was coming” (???) he showed up.  The technician then informed us that he couldn’t turn on our electricity afterall because the instructions he’d received were wrong (they didn’t say to turn it on but requested a modification which couldn’t be performed).  He did talk with the client line to explain why he wasn’t turning on the electricity but then left.

We have met a neighbor who learned we didn’t have electricity and offered us the use of their fridge.  That was extremely gracious, and we’ve taken them up on it.

More calls, more visits to the store and TONS of frustration.  As I said, it is our own “Never Ending Story.”  Unlike the movie however,  the only imagination involved is in trying to keep looking at the bright side (it isn’t winter, we have natural gas, we’ve met a neighbor who’s offered a fridge, a colleague who’s offered their washing machines – actually 2 but the other lives farther away, long days of sun and wind).

Another technician is scheduled to come today . . . . we’ll see if our story ends.