The Story Ended

Today’s previous post told of our seemingly “Never Ending Story” of trying to get our electric hooked up at the house.

We’re ecstatic to report today’s technician had the correct orders and turned everything on!  It was like Christmas as the kids cheered and yelled (and quickly unpacked the TV and set up their Wii), and as Dan and I started  initial runs in the washing machine, dish washer and ever so important coffee maker!  We went through the house trying to figure which switches worked which lights and talked with someone about actually installing the ceiling lights in the bedrooms/living room (which couldn’t be previously done as the wires were painted over so one needs the electric on to know which is which).  After setting the kids up with supper Dan and I will go shop to stock up the fridge!

Tonight we won’t have as many candles burning and Esperansa is anxious to bake in the oven tomorrow.

The story ended . . . well.

4 thoughts on “The Story Ended

  1. Wolfe Carol says:

    Yay! So glad for you.

  2. Ron Moore says:

    Glad you guys finally got electricity !!

  3. shannanv says:

    Glad to hear you’re starting to get settled.

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