Resting and Trusting . . . His timing not Ours

This post referenced the inter-connectedness between our search for a house and getting the kids’ schooling registrations finalized.  Within a week an half we had two houses to choose between.  Both could work but house #1, though in the necessary neighborhood for school choice #1 was a touch small (no real space for kids to play, particularly if adults are also being entertained) and in the smaller complex.  House #2 seemed a better fit for our family needs and had space for friends to gather but wasn’t in the necessary neighborhood.

We felt so strongly about the school choice for Karunia we were willing to squeeze into house #1 and make it work IF she could be in that school.  We didn’t want to squeeze in there if the kids weren’t able to get into that school.  We only needed to hear one way or the other from the school.

And that was our prayer . . . to hear something  . . .

Yet no answer came . . over and over the school told us to wait a bit longer.  On the 30th the school finally told us we’d have to wait all the way until September for a firm answer.

We knew we couldn’t wait that long for a housing decision so we stepped forward and made an offer (rental) on house #2 – the one we felt a better fit for our family and ministry but wasn’t in the school district .  Part of the negotiation was we’d offered to pay 1 year up front in exchange for a significantly lower per month rental price.  Our offer was accepted the afternoon of the 30th.  We were very excited.

Though contracts were to be signed on Saturday, August 2nd, we went ahead and wired the money to our landlord’s account, a full year paid, the next day, the morning of the 31st.

So guess what happened that afternoon . . . . . at 4pm we receive a call from the school . . . they have room for both Karunia and Josiah.

We wrestled with this timing.  Had we made the wrong decision – had we chosen the wrong house?  We wondered if we should somehow backpedal and try to get out of the deal – afterall we hadn’t yet technically signed contracts.  But we had sent money – an entire year’s worth!

And then I simply had to rest in the decision.  I felt a peace – trusting that the Lord must have held back notice from the school until this time.  I must trust that He either wanted us in this house and this complex or He wanted the boys in the other school (or both).  Afterall, had we heard from the school on the 30th  – that they school had space – then we’d have chosen the other house.  For that matter, if we’d heard from the school on the morning of the 31st, before sending the money and paying the year then we could have pulled out of our agreement.  But we didn’t hear until “too late.”

His timing – not ours. We trust and rest in the peace that He guided our decision and held back an answer from the school until after our decision was made for a reason.  We pray the resulting decision brings Him glory.


PS – Josiah (and Asher) will attend a different school.  For this year (which was the most important reason for wanting this school) Karunia can still take the opening they offered her with our colleague, who lives in the correct neighborhood, serving as her educational representative/overseer.

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