Our Home

We’ve already invited you to come visit, but until the day you arrive in person we thought we’d let you see our house.

Our Apartment Complex

Our Apartment Complex

It’s a complex of 20 units: 5 buildings with 4 apartments each.  The front door you see is our building and our unit is on the top right.  Those skinny windows are in our kitchen and the first set of green shutters/regular windows are to our guest room.  The apartment then wraps around the corner.

INTERESTING FACT: Our address will tell you we’re on the 1st floor.  I’ve already indicated to you from the picture that we’re on the top.  Well in Portugal the ground floor (the one you usually walk in on) is called the “Res do Chão” and the first level up would be considered floor #1.  In our building however the front door opens only to the stairwell and the garage level (which on the backside of the building in below ground) so it doesn’t even count as the Res do Chão; you have to go up one level for that.  So to reach our 1st floor apartment you must climb 34 stairs.

Would you like to see the rest?  As we were moving in I made a video tour of the apartment.  Karunia says I shouldn’t try to be a professional voice over for video and I’ll agree but here it is.

3 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for the great tour. Neat idea! You did a great job — ignore the kids :o)

  2. Dianna Ufert says:

    Very nice!

  3. I like your home very nice,do you have to buy your furniture now? Glad the schools worked out. Looks like a very nice area to be in. Enjoy. Thanks so much for sharing. Mary Carius

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