First Days of School

I realize most people were taking “first day of school” pictures back in August, over a month ago but here in Portugal school has only just now begun.

We had several school meetings last week to meet home room teachers, pick up school schedules and get the materials list.  It was the beginning of a busy time.

Esperansa had her 1st day of school last Friday, the 12th.  She’s in the 4th grade at a school named Florinda Leal.



Karunia, Asher, and Jeremiah began school on Monday the 15th.  Karunia is in 10th grade at the Escola Secundária Fernando Lopes-Graça.  Asher is in 6th grade at Alapraia.  Jeremiah is in 1st grade at the school here in Bicesse – a 5 minute walk from our house.

Even Dan and I had our 1st day of school!  Back to language school we went so that we can improve our grammar, expand our vocabulary, learn a bit more of Portuguese culture and soften our accents.  We can now sympathize with the kids over homework (though we still have to enforce that all homework gets done).

Dan and I with Teresa, one of our teachers

Dan and I with Teresa, one of our teachers

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t mentioned Josiah’s 1st day at school.  Josiah is in 8th grade at the same school as Asher, Alapraia.  However there was a problem with helpers at the school and therefore it had been decided the 7th – 9th graders wouldn’t start last Monday as had previously been planned.  He trudged along with us to language school and helped a bit more around the house than he wanted.  Daily he was asking me to check the school’s website to find out if he’d get to start that day.

Finally today, the 20th, 1 wk after Esperansa and 4 days after the rest of us, Josiah got to have his “1st Day of School.”

Josiah - 8th Grade

Josiah – 8th Grade


One thought on “First Days of School

  1. You are amazing people, you all seem to adjust so well. Praying for you all Big Hugs Mary Carius

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