Mozambique Update

When we moved to Portugal in summer of 2014, part of our disengagement plan for Mozambique included 3 one week visits per year.  Each of these trips would allow me (Dan) to reconnect with those I taught and discipled for so long.  It was also a means to help them with the transition of not having a full-time missionary presence there and to help them not feel abandoned.

Each trip back has gone really well.  I’ve been able to see people, to hear how the churches are doing, and to talk with people receiving scholarship money for college.  I am still amazed at what God has done and is doing in Netia, Nampula and surrounding areas.  It is a privilege to be part of God’s plan for these areas.

My last trip, December 9th to the 15th, I discovered that not all is going well though. In Netia one leader has left the church over a simple matter.  Then there is the the problem of hunger.  It is serious.  The leaders in Netia told me about the destructive rains and subsequent loss of crop during my first trip in 2015.  During my second trip I asked them to make a plan for me to present to churches for helping ease the hunger.  During this last trip I was told of a mother and her children who were found dead in their home.  They had starved to death.  I was told of another mother went to a river and drowned herself and her kids because they were starving.

We have been raising funds to run a 4 month hunger relief project in the areas of Netia and Chalaua.  To feed 1865 families (with 3-8 people per family) one meal of cornmeal porridge per day we need approximately $138,000.  God has provided much of the money that is needed, but we are still short about $19,000.

Here are a few pictures from my time in Mozambique.  We will soon have a video up so you can hear directly from a couple of the pastors about the hunger situation.


Please be in prayer for those in Mozambique, for those who are hungry, both physically and spiritually.  Pray God would be glorified.

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