Update on Famine Relief in Mozambique

It occurred to us that while we have updated some people about the famine relief project in Mozambique we have never posted an update through our website. For those who haven’t received updates until now, this post will catch you up to speed and give you the latest details.

On December 11th our church in Wood River, Illinois transferred money to purchase 1700 sacks of corn flour for Netia. Because it was such a large sum of money it was frozen by the bank of Mozambique. They asked for several documents to explain and prove why such a large sum of money was transferred. We expected a slight delay but days and weeks continued to pass without the money being released.

In January Dan made a trip to Mozambique to do some “leg work” to smooth out the process with the bank and arrange for a different supplier for future distributions. Because of the continued hold up with the December’s transfer, with the permission of a major donor, we initiated a 2nd wire transfer in January, with the hopes it would not have the same problems and that we could get food to the people. Praise the Lord, the 2nd transfer had no problems. Thankfully food is currently being distributed to those who are hungry. Due to transportation logistics the sacks of flour are being picked up in batches and distributed over the course of a week and a half. So far 900 sacks have been delivered in Netia with plans for more to be picked up tomorrow (Friday the 19th and then early next week).

With regards to the first transfer, we continued to work on documents and finally, about two weeks ago, were told that all of our documents were accepted by the bank and under review. We are still waiting for money to be released but hope in a few days to hear something more concrete and positive.

Please keep praying…..