January’s Trip to Mozambique

I, Dan, just went to Mozambique.  It was a whirlwind trip with only 5 days on the ground, but it was full and rewarding.

I arrived on Thursday at 1:05pm and started my first class at 3:30pm.  I taught Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  The classes went very well.  I have had the great privilege of seeing many of these ministers grow from not understanding  much several years ago to now understanding many theological truths and ideas and be able to apply those things to their lives and culture.

Sunday I went to Netia.  I preached two sermons and hundreds of people were there for my visit.  Over the years God has given me the blessing of being part of something “God sized,” something only He can do.  This time it happened again.  I was not expecting so many people to be there.  After my two sermons 5 people came forward wanting to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.  4 of which were first time visitors.  One of the visitors was a young adult female.  The night before her father had sat her and her three siblings down and said, “you can no longer ‘do nothing’ about faith.  You each have to choose what you want to be: Christian, Muslim, or follow traditional beliefs.”  Her choice was to visit the church in Netia.  Once home she told her father about my sermons.  He called the head minister, whom he knows, and said, “my daughter told me everything about the messages.  If that is what you all believe I will be there next Sunday.”  Rejoice about the interest and desire to accept Christ for each of these individuals and pray for the ministers in Mozambique as they sit to study and offer further teaching.

Want to hear a funny story?  After church we ate lunch.  Now, after years of eating in Netia I know that I often need to floss after eating, but I usually forget the dental floss  and suffer for hours until I get back to my suitcase.  This time I did not forget it, THANKFULLY!  After lunch, away from the table, I pulled it out and asked the guys who had eaten with me if they wanted some.  I was pretty sure they would not know what it was. Their blank looks and their words confirmed they had no clue what dental floss was.  I explained and gave a show how to use it….No one wanted to risk using it……but I was glad I had brought it with me.

What an interesting world I work in.  In Mozambique I work with people who live in mud huts, worship in a church building made of mud, and have no clue about dental floss yet in this same world so many people have cell phones that there is a hand written note taped to the mud brick asking people to make sure phones are on silence during church.   Some issues are the same the world over.


“Turn off your phone” “Silence on your phone please”

This was a great trip; one of the best for teaching.  Praise God for that and enjoy the pictures.