God is at work…

Prior to several weeks ago it had been a long while since I blogged. That does not mean that nothing was/is happening. It just means I am a bad blogger….LOL. I often tell people that they need to write down what God has done in their lives. That way they don’t lose heart or faith when they don’t see God at work.

Well, over the last several weeks here is how God has been working. The Sunday School class I help lead has been going very well.  After a particular lesson one participant said that my lesson that day really impacted them and changed their life. WOW…God be praised and to God be the glory.

Our Saturday night group has had a great group of people and a visitor. God be praised.

In addition to two new families which  began participating in our Monday night Group at the end of November, another couple started coming in January.  They all are speaking honestly about their struggles with trusting and believing that Jesus was more than a good teacher. Praise God!

So much of this is God answering prayer….3 1/2 year of prayer and answers are coming…..

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