The Harvest is Plentiful

If you have not heard of “30 Days In The Harvest” let me tell you about it quickly.

In Luke 10:2  “He (Jesus) told them (the disciples), “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

The idea is that many people are searching for something – some purpose, something more than themselves.  Many are open and seeking God, whether they realize that’s who they’re seeking or not.  We, as Christians, need to be on the lookout – seeking those open to knowing more.  We need to be in the harvest so that we can share Truth with those searching.   

One could argue that we are always in the harvest.  And while yes, Christians should try to shine light and be ready to give an answer for our Faith at all times, the truth is we don’t / aren’t always focused on that.

While in Poland at a European church planting conference last April I heard two people talk about “30 Days in the Harvest” and how they had the opportunity to share the gospel and pray with people. 

The concept is this: During a 30 day period people clear their schedule as much as possible and then dedicate a certain amount of time per day to purposefully interact with people in the community with the goal of identifying those open to knowing more about Jesus.

I did not think much of the idea at first (ie. this won’t work well in my context) but God spoke to my heart and challenged me to dedicate “30 Days in the Harvest.”

I returned to Portugal and talked with Robin about the challenge God gave me.  I also talked with our team and three other ministers/missionaries with whom I have been praying and with whom I have doing prayer walks. 

Everyone I talked with was excited to try to participate in the “30 days” idea.  Each of us made various time commitments but are concentrating our efforts in the areas where each of us are trying to plant new churches.  Remember that since there is less than 0.6% of the population connected to an evangelical church it is important to associate with credible churches/ministers/missionaries to create unity in the body so that Portuguese can come to know Jesus.    

Since we have started.  We have interacted with 169 people. The gospel was shared with 82 of those approached and 46 of that 82 said they were interested in knowing more about Jesus.  Several of those 82 have given us (or the other ministers) their contact information.  Some were uncomfortable giving us their information but willingly received our phone numbers.  

I have also done several prayer walks and participated in a youth outreach.

Pray for the seeds that have been planted.  Please pray for the remaining two and a half weeks.  Pray for those interested – that they will follow up with us or meet with us to learn more about Jesus.  Praise God that so many people are hearing about God’s plan of salvation and ask Him to “water” the seeds we are sowing.  Pray for an abundant harvest.

Below are pictures of areas where we have been working and praying.


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