A Seminary Class and a Cyclone

I flew into Pemba, Mozambique on the afternoon of the 23rd of April and then rode the 2 hours by car to the town of Montepuez.

I’d been invited to teach a class at the Bible School our former colleagues with Good News For África have started.

The class, Principles of Discipleship and Evangelism and Starting (Planting) New Churches, went well, despite the effects of Cyclone Kenneth dumping an incredible about of rain.

Caught out on a run by the early cyclone rains.

I had 13 students total, 10 from several villages in that province (Cabo Delgado) and another 3 who had traveled from the province of Zambezia.  Each of these students are either ministers or deacons with their local church.  In addition to the normal syllabus, I was able to include some extra concepts found within a couple Disciple Making Movements trainings in which we have recently participated.

On Sunday I preached at a local church and afterward got to meet the wife of one of my students. Why was that noteworthy you may ask? Well, when the cyclone hit she was not in town as she had gone out to work in their fields so concerns for her had been high. You may have connected the dots. She was trapped out there in the wind and the rain. She was eventually able to find shelter at someone’s house. Imagine being outside when a cyclone hits!


Please pray for these ministers, their churches and their communities.

Also, please pray for Mozambique as a whole.  Cyclone Idai wreaked havoc in the center of the country in May and now Cyclone Kenneth has caused quite a bit of destruction in the north of the country.  Life is always hard and fragile in Mozambique – such disasters increase that reality.

Pray for the communities destroyed.  Pray for individuals rebuilding homes, businesses, etc.  Pray for families who’ve lost loved ones.  Pray for those offering relief and help.  Pray that God’s light and Truth will shine in the midst of tragedy.



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