Our Vision / What We’re Doing

In December 2013 they returned to Mozambique for a short period to finishing preparing each group they ministered with to take on Dan’s responsibilities.

In July 2014 they moved to Portugal to join a new church planting team in Alcabideche, a suburb of Lisbon. Dan and Robin have now fully transitioned to their ministry in Portugal.

While working closely with their host church, the Church of Christ (Christian Church) in Carcavelos (another suburb of Lisbon), Dan and Robin seek to integrate into this closed culture. They pray as they seek to be involved in community groups they can build relationships.  They pray as friendships develop people will see Christ in them and  they can share the Good News of Christ and His grace and salvation.   They pray as people come to know the Lord small discipleship groups will form and that these groups will become churches.  The long term goal is to have 1000 discipleship groups growing and multiplying.

Dan has made several short trips back to Mozambique to follow through with those with whom we’ve worked. These trips allow him to occasionally teach, serve as a sounding board and in this way further smooth the transition.

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