Who We are / Where We’ve Been

Dan and Robin married in 1996 and have five children:  Karunia (born October 1998), Josiah (born May 2001), Asher (born 2003), Esperansa (born 2005) and Jeremiah (born 2007).

From the beginning, Dan and Robin knew they’d been called to serve together in missions.  They both graduated from Cincinnati Bible College in 1997.  Dan then furthered his education, completing a master degree at Lincoln Christian Seminary in 2004.

The Beens, early in their ministry, served in southeast Asia for two years.  Then, in 2003, after a six month internship to Mozambique, Africa decided they felt called to minister there.

After going to Portugal in 2004 to learn Portuguese, Mozambique’s national language, they arrived in 2005 in Nampula, Mozambique.

During these years Dan taught and discipled ministers in the city and surrounding areas  that they might better live out the Truth of Jesus.  The Been’s prayer was always that as these men grew in their understanding they might better reach their own people for Christ, plant new churches, and disciple those who came to know the Lord.  These men planted over 100 churches during this time.

Though a teaching/training ministry was the Been’s primary focus they also ran several small scale development projects, famine relief and sought to be involved in the community as a way to shine Christ’s light.

Through it all, the goal was always to work themselves out of a job and then begin to minister elsewhere.


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